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COIN Zadar -

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Coworking Zadar -

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COIN Zadar -
Coworking Industries

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Coworking Zadar -

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COIN Zadar -
Coworking Industries

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COIN Zadar -
Coworking Industries

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A space for work and collaboration of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, startups and self-employed people

Located in the Adriatic town Zadar at Put Murvice 16, nearly 370 m2 of COIN coworking space provides approximately 35 workstations split between offices, desks, and coworking space for freelancers, startup businesses, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs across different professional services. COIN users can choose the relevant combination of COIN Packages that include a variety of services.

The package of basic services includes:

  • Use of a desk in the coworking area
  • High-speed WI-FI
  • Use of printer
  • Use of scanner
  • Coffee / water / tea
  • Video surveillance and access control
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Use of shared kitchen, sanitary facilities, smoking area, living room
  • Help and support by the COIN host during the working hours
  • Providing the information about our users’ activities and help in networking
  • Access to local network of institutions, partners and other entrepreneurs.

[1] This service is only available to COIN members.

COIN Packages

Use of additional services

  • Use of the meeting room (10,00 EUR/h). This includes the use of the kitchen and lounge area, high-speed WIFI, the use of projector, laptop and flipchart.
  • Use of the multimedia room for events up to 25 people (20,00 EUR/h) This includes the use of reception area, lounge, high-speed WIFI, the use of projector, laptop and flipchart, the possibility of recording and streaming.


  • All members of Association of Craftsmen Zadar (Hereinafter ACZ) who meet the conditions set by ACZ are entitled 30% discount on all COIN packages.
  • All COIN members are entitled 30% discount for additional services.

More about COIN coworking space

Throughout the project, a new coworking space will be established and coworking community in Zadar strenghened. The objective of the project is to increase self-employment possibilities through establishment of a coworking space and to upgrade support services for SMEs, to foster entrepreneurship and self-employment and increase the competitiveness of micro entrepreneurs.

As focal points for fostering micro enterprises, coworking spaces provide all appropriate business infrastructure for users, independent entrepreneurs, who jointly participate in the costs of space usage. In addition, coworking spaces also develop a social infrastructure, i.e. a coworking community of users who, although independent in the performance of their tasks, easily interact and achieve business cooperation. The existence of a coworking space greatly facilitates the start of a new business, especially in independent activities of professions related to ICT.

COIN Zadar characteristics

Open space


Individual offices


Social space




Conference room and Event space