Coworking -
Revolution of work

What's it all about?

What is coworking and who is it for?

 Coworking is a modern approach to work based on the joining of social, professional and material resources, which return multiplied to everyone involved in the process.

As focal points for fostering micro enterprises, coworking spaces provide all appropriate business infrastructure for users, independent entrepreneurs, who jointly participate in the costs of space usage. In addition, coworking spaces also develop a social infrastructure,i.e. a coworking community of users who, although independent in the performance of their tasks, easily interact and achieve business cooperation. The existence of a coworking space greatly facilitates the start of a new business, especially in independent activities of professions related to ICT. Coworking is an extension of ”sharing economy” and raises awareness about community and promotes social entrepreneurship. It is intended for independent professionals, entrepreneurs, members of dislocated or virtual teams, startups and passengers, in fact, for anyone who copes with the challenges of the market alone or for individuals who occasionally want to change their working environment.
If you work in a classical office, treat yourself occasionally with a coworking day. Break your business routine and move the boundaries of usual working environment! Due to lower costs of using of the space, resources and equipment, coworking facilitates professional sustainability, the start of a new business or improvement of an existing business.

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