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Project “Coworking Zadar – Innovation through Collaboration”

Project “Coworking Zadar – Innovation Through Collaboration” was approved for funding on the Call for Proposals ”The Business-Related Infrastructure Grant Scheme” from the IPA Operational Programme Regional Competitiveness 2007-2013.

Coworking Zadar initiative was triggered by the COIN Zadar project team made of entrepreneurial support institutions 3 years ago, as a logical step in order to be in line with a global coworking initiative that had an annual exponential growth. It went along with Zadar’s development strategy as a creative industry was recognized as an important direction in encouraging Zadar`s economic development and entrepreneurship.Soon writing of the project proposal for funding of the infrastructure works from the EU funds followed with aim that COIN would serve as a polygon for new ideas, innovation and creativity integrated into the entrepreneurial activity.
The project started on 14/6/2014 and finished on 13/12/2015. The total budget of the project was 672.626,14 EUR, with 85% EU co-financing. Project coordinator was the City of Zadar, and beneficiaries were Association of Trades and Crafts Zadar, Zadar County, Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber of Zadar and Public Institution Agency for Development of Zadar County ZADRA NOVA. Throughout the project, COIN public coworking space has established with the aim to increase self-employment possibilities, upgrade support services for SMEs, foster entrepreneurship and self-employment, and increase the competitiveness of micro entrepreneurs.
As focal points for fostering micro enterprises, COIN coworking provides all appropriate business infrastructure for users, independent entrepreneurs, who jointly participate in the costs of space usage. In addition, COIN also developed a social infrastructure,i.e. a coworking community of users who, although independent in the performance of their tasks, easily interact and achieve business cooperation.
Coworking concept applies ”sharing economy” and raises awareness about community and promotes social entrepreneurship. Project “Coworking Zadar – cooperation to innovation” enabled refurbishment and equipment of 365 m2 of coworking space in Zadar, as well as development of space users community.

A unique call center for entrepreneurs has been established in order to connect services of different support institutions.

COIN offers open work space, fast and secure internet access, a meeting room , a room for presentations and seminars, independent offices and a space for relaxation and socializing. COIN is open for different users and events like exhibitions, public presentations, workshops, lectures, discussions etc.

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